Dear Audrey…

4 May

Today I wanna celebrate you as the worlds most beautiful woman of all time. Not only you inspired women all around the world with your exquisite style and charming personalities but your passion for humanitarian work, you always put others before yourself is just shown how beautiful you are inside out . You are truly beautiful, amazing, kind and charming woman, you are timeless. Happy Birthday!



Words of Wisdom

1 May

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The Royal Wedding

30 Apr

HRH Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge.

 Breathtaking in Sarah Burton for Alexander Mc.Queen. Sheer perfection from head to toe.

The Royal Wedding Processions, already like a fairytale…can’t barely stand it

The Queenmother, looking bright and lovely…I’m wondering what’s inside her chic handbag? Lipstick? House keys? ID?

The royal guests, Queen Sofia of Spain and Princess Letizia of Austrias, simply stunning and elegant!

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Happy Weekend

16 Apr

Happy Weekend all, mine will be super relax…just chill in a long hot bath and follow by breakfast in bed….ahhh superb!

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Home du jour

14 Apr

This house is bananas!!!…Designers Elizabeth Wixom and Kimberly Rasmussen are two genius people behind this insane house. I mean just check out this gorgeous home below so you understand how I feel. So breathtaking, serene, beautiful, in other words…I DIE!

Can I just pack my stuff and move in here? I swear I’ll never leave…

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10 Apr

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Happy Weekend!

11 Mar

Have a fabulous weekend guys, my world is currently upside down.